My personal journey began as I grew up playing sports, with a particular interest in wrestling. I found wrestling to be challenging both physically and mentally. A unique requirement of the sport was that of weight management; in order to compete, you had to make weight before each match. This taught me valuable life-long lessons of both discipline and accountability.

Discipline was needed to properly prepare for a match and I learned what it meant to be accountable because my coaches’ and teammates depended on me to make weight. As an Air Force Veteran, I subscribe to the Air Force Core Values which are: Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in all we do. I’m grateful for the lessons learned from wrestling and the military because I’ve been able to apply those same skill sets toward my personal training & fitness model endeavors.

As a fitness trainer, I provide guided solutions for people who sincerely strive to meet their fitness goals.
I’m dependable, easy to get along with, and willing to go the extra mile. I strive for excellence in all areas of my life.”  – Allen Elliott

Military Officer | Captain, U.S. Air Force (Reserve)
Fitness Personality
Fitness Coach/Trainer
B. S. Computer/Electrical Engineering; The Citadel, Military College of SC (2008)
Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA (2013)
Certified Fitness Nutrition, ISSA (2013)
Ultimate Bodybuilding/Contest Prep, IAFS (2013)
— 2011- Present Fitness Trainer
— 2011-2015 National Men’s Physique Competitor– 3X National Qualifier
— 2011-2015 Fashion/Swimwear Runway Model
— 2011 Robins Air Force Base Male Athlete of the Year (Male Air Force Athlete of the Year Nominee)
— 2012 Brand Ambassador/Lead Model for LIVEHARD Apparel
— 2012-Present FAT GRIPZ Brand Ambassador
— 2012-Present Adonis Golden Ratio Brand Ambassador
— 2012-2014 Writer/Contributor to Men’s Physique section of RX Muscle
— 2013 Max Sports & Fitness Magazine Cover Model
— 2013-2015 Writer/Contributor to Max Sports & Fitness Magazine
— 2013 Workout Features in Multiple Issues of Max Sports & Fitness Magazine Issues
— 2013 LifeCast Physique Model for “Man Of Steel” costume – My
— 2013 “Eye Candy” Model on
— 2013 Bodybuilding.Com Fit USA Top 10 Competition Finalist
— 2013-2015 Brand Ambassador for ISSA Featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine
— 2013-2015 Brand Ambassador for ISSA Featured in Flex Magazine
— 2013 Military Times Feature: “Troops Use Their Strengths To Find Success As Fitness Models”
— 2013 “Eye Candy” The Sexiest Men of 2013 Featured on
— 2014 Spokes Model Search Top 5 Male Finalist | Features on
— 2014 Brand Ambassador for ISSA Featured in G.I. Jobs Magazine
— 2014 ModelCall Magazine Cover ModelAVAILABLE FOR: Modeling, Freelance Writing, Public Speaking, Sponsored Athlete/Ambassador, Positions, Production Management, Event Planning

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220 Athens Hwy,  Suite 300, Loganville, GA 30052

 Mobile: 910-964-6501