Is Being Fit Even Worth It? (Fit Life vs Flab Life)

There’s a perfectly sane explanation as to why most people say they want to be fit, and yet only a very small percentage actually are fit. Most of us, instead, are firmly cemented in the Flab Life rather than the Fit Life.

Why is this? Because the Fit Life is hard.

Want to know just how hard it is to lose the flab due to full immersion into the Fit Life? Here’s a glimpse into the Habits of Being Fit…

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The “Photo-Shoot Ready” Recipe: Four Key Ingredients Needed to Prepare for your Next Photoshoot

When it comes to Photo-shoot prep, there are several tweaks or methods one can apply to enhance their overall appearance. To keep things simple, yet effective I’ve chosen to focus on the top four ingredients of any “successful” fitness photo-shoot. So before you step in front of the camera, you can assure yourself that on command, you will…

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